Wood  pellets

Wood pellets are manufactured using 100% virgin wood. They are easy to store, easy to handle, and  burn efficiently giving a high calorific value due low moisture content. Due to their low moisture content , wood pellets have a high-energy content , similar to that of high quality coal.
As wood pellets are manufactured to a consistent size (5 to 20mm long x 6mm diameter), have low moisture content and high density means that wood pellets can be used in automatic clean-burn heating appliances. Which also means that a boiler response time is fast and the technology is controllable without increasing the unwanted load on the environment.
Using fuels such as wood pellets for commercial and domestic properties ensures a clean, effective heat as well as a clear conscience for its users.
Our raw materials are produced from managed, renewable sources to ensure sustainability of supply for future generations.

Premium grade wood pellet specification:
Diameter: 6mm
Length: 5 to 20mm
Moisture content: <10%
Ash content: <0.7%
Net calorific value: 17.8MJ/kg
Density: 650kg/m3
– A renewable fuel source that is 100% natural, with no waste product and no additives.
– A sustainable source of energy.
– Often cheaper than other fuels.
– Eliminates work.
– Eliminates mess – with marginal moisture content, their efficient burning leaves <0.7% of biodegradable ash residue.
– Lower air pollution.
– Easy to store (requiring only a dry environment) and easy to transport and handle.
– Uniform in size.
Available of 15 kg bags, 975 kg per pallet load.

Capacity of transport:

65 bags (15 kg/bag) on each pallet – 975 kg. 24 euro pallets
Used in boiler-houses and in private homes. Long burning time. Great heat. Humidity: 4-6% Low ash-content. Easy to store ant transporting. On request of customers we can packs from 5kg to 40 kg and in big sacks containing a ton. Packs and Sacks are loaded on wrapped pallets.

The analysis of wood sawdust pellets:

•    Calorific capacity: 17 660 kJ/kg
•    Sulphur: 0.02%
•    Moisture: 4.3%
•    Ash-content: 0.49%
•    Energy value: 4.94kwh/kg
•    Density: 687 kg/m3